Moving to Boston, anyone have recent investment experience there?

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Hello BP!

I will be moving to Boston soon to attend college using my GI bill. I may very well end up renting for my first year but what I would really like to do is house hack. I'm seeing a lot of half-condos and the like for sale though. Has anyone recently been investing in this area?

Hi Tyler, I’ve got my first triple decker running and closing my next property shortly. Are you going to school in the city? And what’s a half condo?

Congrats! And of course thank you for your service. It's highly competitive finding good deals but if you can spot one and act fast or network off market, you could use a VA loan for a 2-4 unit and be golden. It depends on what your preferences are and your price range, but if you can find a deal in the Fort Hill area of Roxbury (basically west of Warren) that could be a nice play. Feel free to reach out.

@Zac Ballin I definitely will! I used my VA loan to buy my current home which I will rent out when I leave, and I would like to use my wife's VA loan to house hack up there. I have about 6 months left on contract so I'll be coming up around New Year's.

Hi Tyler - congrats on going to Northeastern. I'm sure you are aware from research but Boston is a HCOL market, so your search is going to depend on your personal investment requirements (as with any market of course). Are you looking at properties in the immediate Northeastern area or have you searched in any surrounding immediate areas?

@Zac Ballin Where is your triplex located Zac? I have not yet purchased my first deal that I will house hack, but I am in the North Shore about 20 north of Boston.

@Stephen Roesler it’s in the franklin park north area of Dorchester. I’m scheduled to close on a duplex in a week and a half by Fields Corner in Dorchester as well.

I'm no expert in VA loans but I think you may be able to get multiple VA loans.

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