Website platform/development agency RECS for new RE brokerage

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Hello all from Nosara, Costa Rica. I'm launching my new brokerage, Evolve Realty, and am looking for an optimum web platform for the website. Needs to be user-friendly, make updates rather seemless, and host both rentals and real estate listings.  There's quite a few options so looking for some solid, verified recommendations from the BP crew.  Thank you and pura vida! -Ed Daly

Hi Edward,

The best bet would be to build your website on Wordpress, but it's a little bit more involved. I design all my real estate websites for my clients on Wordpress for its flexibility. If you want something easy, I have seen real estate sites being built on Squarespace as well. I believe it is all cut and dry websites for $10/month.

If you'd like your visitors to search for listings, you'll need to integrate an IDX I use iHomefinder or IDXBroker. Most likely IDXbroker will have your board. If you need help feel free to send me a message.