Has anyone used LeadGeeks?

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Well I have my first Lead Geeks Amazing internet lead for $200! 

And wow it is a dozi! Seller purchased a remodeled 2-1 700 sq ft house in hilltop Tacoma last year for $175K and now just wants $300K because if she finished the landscaping it would be worth $320K. She claims she remodeled the house, but no actually the house was remodeled when she purchased! I am thinking of offering her $350K net because it is not really fair that she can't double her money buying homes in Tacoma off the MLS every year! And obviously she doesn't think it is fair that she would pay 6% realtor fee!! Probably this 2-1 will comp for $475 next spring and then I can sell it for $450K putting serious cash in my pocket from off market internet leads!!

( Sigh I have never in the last 15 years paid over $205K for anything in Tacoma )