The best niches in Springfield MO

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We've been investing in RE for over 20 years, with mostly buy & holds. Here in the Springfield market, we are doing a little bit of everything. From wholesaling to flipping and slowly acquiring more of the rentals.  I recently read that over 55% of Springfield homes are non- owner occupied.  

The wholesaling we're doing can be slow and unpredictable, but the rental market here is strong!  I'm meeting with bankers now that will loan on those properties.  But in the last year we've gotten up to over $4k per month of rental income. Not bad!

What is working best for you?

@Jason Ross very interesting on the 55% non-owner occupied I had no idea. My wife and I just got started this year so we are very new to real estate investing. We currently have two single family properties and plan to buy more rentals. So far it’s going well.

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