Why do you invest in Real Estate?

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What are some of the reasons that you invest in real estate?

Do you have a passion for fixing and flipping?

Do you enjoy monthly cash flow on rentals?

Do you like the tax benefits?

I want to hear different opinions and ideas from everyone.

The best investment you'll ever have is your first house. If you can get away with putting 10% down on the property, and the house goes up 10% in value over the course of a year. You have effectively doubled your money... on the same token, you could just as easily lose your money. It's an industry where you can reap good benefits, if you play your cards right. Expanding outwards with rentals, fix and flips, developments, etc., you are able to have the same diversity that people chase in stock portfolios, while maintaining relatively low risk if you are careful in which investments you make. Further, you work with relatively stable assets. You have select volatility when it comes to micro housing bubbles, but for the most part, real estate prices are relatively stable.

I have owned and operated a number of rentals for decade. And, I currently run a private lending llc providing business loans, collateralized by real estate, because of how much I believe in its value -- contingent on correct valuation, and no extenuating circumstances.