How much due dilligence?

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In a market where time is of the essence, how much due diligence should I be doing before an offer and after the offer during the allotted "due diligence" time? More than once now I have missed out on an opportunity because it is under contract before I am able to complete my analysis/research and get my offer in. 

Wondering how much analysis and research is sufficient to make an offer and what details/assessments are better saved for the due diligence stage?

Hey @ Leah Stuever - We use the BP calculators to get the numbers right for a deal that works for us, we spend some time on the county website to find out more about the owners, history, ect. We drive by and check out the neighborhood - all in all this can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks (we have 2 small kiddos and both work FT). Also, we don't have a buyers agent so we are doing all the leg work/calling ourselves as well.