Former church built in 1950s

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This former church is about 10250 sq. feet. Built in the 50s. It's in great shape for its age but has been sitting for a while. It has a auditorium that seat 400. It's limited now for its use zoning wise. I've thought of using it for: church, school, daycare, inn, airbnb, offices, storage, subleasing it. Issue it it's in an older area in Wichita away from any good restaurants. Everything would have to be driven to. BUT, it's a beautiful property. I just don't know what to do with it. 

Hello Jonathan, that is a nice church building. There are churches who are looking to expand there sanctuary. Also kindergarten schools. I will mail it to churches and pastors around the area. If this church is in CA I will definitely present it to pastors friends I know because they are looking for a bigger sanctuary.

It's in southeast wichita. NOT where the city is headed. Andover is where everyone wants to be these days--I understand. I wonder what a church would rent it for. All depends on what ministry they want. I'd need 3000/mo. I have no idea what a good rent for a church would be. 900 of that goes to property tax. I'm thinking I'd live in the small building and as the church grew, I'd move out and rent that to them as well. I just don't want to buy this and then have no one lined up with any interest. This is a big risk.