Newbie Needs Advice for Upcoming Discussion

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I am still in the educating myself and networking stages, however, Real Estate Investing is something I am going to make work me and my future no matter what.

One common theme I have noticed is that people on BP and podcast stress the importance of somehow, someway getting taught via mentor or whatever. "Show them how you can be beneficial to them." So I have a realtor who knows that I am green as they come who is willing to meet with me via phone call tomorrow.

I don't know exactly what my main focus will be in terms of my business strategy in the future. Just trying to soak it all up now, anything that I can. I heard on a podcast a guy recommend getting your realtor license ecem if you don't plan on being a realtor. Makes sense. But that is not what I plan on doing now.

What would be the best questions to ask this individual? He knows everything that I stated above, so he is aware that I want to pick his brain about stuff other then what his particular main career path entails.

Thank you in advance!

With any job interview you have to be able to answer one overriding question. "How can I make money for my employer."

. Step 1 Show up every day.
. Step 2 Make 3 calls to people you don't know and add then to your database.
. Step 3 Learn 1 new thing every day.
. Step 4 Learn to work independently without supervision.
. Step 5 when you feel tired and are ready to quit go to Step 1

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