50% hold on title real estate portfolio Riverside, Ca

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My wife just inherited 3 income producing properties and 2 that her brother and dad live in. She is 50% equity owner on all 5 but dad is not willing to share the cash flow on the 3 income producers. And brother is not willing to buy her out for her half on his 550k house that dad has been paying for. We only see 2 options that are viable 1 take dad to court for the rents from 11/18 when her mom passed til now or sell her half to investors that are okay cash out her 50% of the equity (at least on the 3 income producers, which 1 is a 4plex and 2 are sfr). Thoughts? 

@Joshua Wright

That’s tough. It sounds like her father needs/wants the cash flow to live on / supplement. So simply selling one of the income producing properties and your wife keeping her half and her brothers half of the proceeds, in exchange for that value of a piece of her half of the house dad and brother live in, may not work as that would reduce the cash flow the are seeing.

Would selling two or all three of the income producing ones be enough for brother to buy your wife out of the one(s) dad and brother live in, and also have some amount of cash to spare to split so that they have an amount of cash incentive to “replace” (mentally in the short term) the current monthly cash flow?