Kansas City Area— Who? Where?

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Hey there Bigger Pockets community!

My name is Jake Bailey and I’m the Dispositions Manager for Midwest Cash Offer in Indianapolis. I handle every transaction with investors who buy properties from our group. We just recently started acquiring properties in the Kansas City, MO area and I’m eager to gain a better understanding of what all KC has to offer!

WHO - Who loves this area? Who do I need to know? We have a list of investors a mile long for Indianapolis, I’m looking to build something similar in KC.

WHAT - What’s hot in this area? Indy has it’s hot spots and upon analysis we drew a lot of similarities between Indy and KC.... so what do I need to know about selling properties in KC?

WHERE - Where are the hot bed areas? What areas should I be wary of?

Thank you all so much, I look forward to expanding my understanding of KC and speaking with some of you savvy folk. We are looking to have a type of meet and greet in the coming months to kickstart our KC market... maybe a Chiefs game? 😉 who knows!

Talk soon,


Be sure to come out and attend some live events to connect with real live people doing business.

@Jake Bailey I would be cautious on asking where on this forum. A few investors here are speculating on some parts of the metro I don't think will pan out. That being said - if you look at the KCMO path of progress and where big money/development is occurring you can pretty easily highlight three big areas that are going to explode in value in the next five to year years.