Should I use Redfin to sell my flipped property?

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Hi Everyone! We are close to finish our flip, it's in a sought after area of San Diego for single family homes. I have plans to use a Redfin agent to sell it with the intent to save some money on commission. Since this is our first time, I am looking for your opinions based on experiences using a Redfin agent. I've also heard of companies like Faira which you sell at 0% commission using their platform and dashboard to sell on your own. Please share your insights.

Any information is appreciated! 

Thank you! 


@Rachel Hart Redfin agents get paid a salary, benefits, vacations.  They get paid whether or not your home sells.

A Realtor like me gets none of those things. I pay for my own health insurance, marketing, car, gas, website, MLS and NAR fees, etc. The only way I ever get paid is when my clients either buy or sell a property.

Which of us do you think is more motivated to hustle for you when a showing request comes in for a "right now" showing at 7:00 on a Saturday night?

Will a sharp agent with strong negotiating skills sign on with an agency where they make a high percentage of the gross commission - or will they take the safer, but low income model?

Redfin likes to shout about the 1% commission they charge - but then you have to add on the commission for the buyer's agent.  Around here, I'm seeing 2%, which is at the low end of customary. 

So with Redfin, you'll save 1%-2% and have (at least in my opinion) inferior representation.  Which would you prefer?

@Rachel Hart

Hey Rachel!

Im a real estate agent that goes to school in San Diego. I’m looking to connect with real estate investor to see what I can help them with or just connect and talk about real estate. My long term goal is to invest in real estate, but for the time being that I am in school I am working as a real estate agent. If there is anything I can do for you or you would like to talk about real estate or the market don’t hesitate to reach out.


Alejandro Munoz

I'd sell on redfin.  More and more buyers are going to sellers directly online.  So let your redfin guy make 1%.  It very well could be that's all you'll pay as you might get a direct buyer.  Hell, put 0% buyers agent commission.   No office to Charlie but I think real estate agents are going to go the way of travel agents.  They're just not as needed anymore. 

@Rachel Hart, which way did you go? We have used Redfin and had a smooth transaction months ago in selling our home in SoCal. My agent and the whole crew were motivated, helpful and hardworking. My wife and I are planning to use them again as we are new buyers here in NorCal. 

Would also love to hear anyone else's experience buying using Redfin.