Opinions Need On CRM

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We are looking to implement systems into our real estate brokerage. We are now at the point where excel sheets drive us nuts and email servers can't keep up with the amount of deals we have flowing in and out. 

We have about 112Mn in active listings, on and off market, mostly multifamily and development projects in the City of LA. We transact about 40 deals a year and are looking to scale.

CRM is what we need for our team. A platform that 

1.Stores contact information

2. automatically email blasting whether it be about new listings we pick up, enter escrow on, close deals, team highlights, market info, etc

3. Follows up with hot, warm, cold leads

4. tracks KPI for different marketing channels

5. Has social media marketing automated

6. Prospecting made easier

7. Allow us to get off excel sheet...


We're looking into Podio, Investorfuse, liondesk, kvcore for now

Would appreciate your insight on your experiences with any of these programs or if you had success with another CRM. 

Going off the mantra of "the best CRM is one you will actually use," I ended up with Hubspot. The reason I was NOT using a CRM was time wasting data entry, so I ended up with Hubspot because the free version will spy on your outgoing emails (if you OK it) and auto-add people to the database. Then I can go in once a week and put people in categories etc.

They have a la carte feature sets as you want additional functionality, but the basic version is free.