Due diligence on a 4 plex

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Hey BP Family! Things are moving quickly for me in the sale of my house and purchase of a 4 plex. My inspection of the 4 plex is on Monday, and if all goes well..we will be trying to close within a few weeks (so I can close on selling my house/buying 4plex in same day). 

I want to make sure I’m getting all the info I need to make a good decision. Currently 3/4 untis are rented. I’ll be living in the 4th.  Outside of leases, disclosures, and past utility bills—what else should I ask for/investigate? 


@Justine Scheuher get an estoppel certificate from the tenants and landlord saying the lease terms are correct, so no verbal agreements. This will include security deposits and rent terms. Make sure the deposits are credited to you in closing. If the landlord has walk through inspection documents ask for them to be transferred to you or you will be having to give all the security deposits back when the tenants move out.