Any way to retroactively use losses to offset gains on sale?

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I think I already know the answer, sadly, but just wanted to check in with the experts here:  I'm exiting about half of my portfolio as I head toward part time employment and eventually full retirement.  When I do that, based on the properties I want to keep I would end up with a net gain even though I would still have capital losses trapped in the portion that I want to keep.

Is there any way to hold off paying the capital gains until I sell the remainder of my portfolio that has the losses?  I know I can change the order of selling to hold the gains ones until the end and I know I could do an exchange into something new but I'd really prefer not to do either of those...

I won't hold my breath, but let me know if you know of something!

@Brett S. I am not an expert by any means. When you no longer have a full time W2 you may well qualify as a 'full time real estate professional'. Review this with your accountant and see if he can save some tax exposure as a result. I did this and got my first tax 'refund' ever last year. No idea if this helps you out at all.