Analyzing a Real estate deal

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A home has hit the market the ARV is 70,000

Seller selling it for $32,900 home look very livable probably some minor repairs it can rent for $650 it’s a 2/1 I plan on making it a 3/1. Would you take this deal? Still learning

What are you basing your ARV comps on - 2/1's or 3/1's? Is your $650 rent based on a 2/1 or a 3/1? How do you plan to finance the initial purchase and are you looking to BRRRR (Buy, repair, rent, refinance)? Have you had a contractor give you an estimate on repair costs and timeframes or are you doing the work yourself? What class is the neighborhood and what class is the house? Will you self manage or look to have a property management company? Does the market look strong for finding and keeping good tenants?

This could be a good deal or an awful one.  Without knowing more it is hard to say.  Share a little more and I am sure a lot of people on here can give you some more feedback.  

Great that you are running numbers and looking.  Have you ran it through one of the Bigger Pockets Calculators yet?  They are really nice tools.