Need help with BRRR in Houston...

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I have invested in real estate properties in Canada in the past but recently lived to Houston and need to build a team here to start.

Would anyone please introduce investor friendly realtors, PMs and potentially mentors to me?


Welcome to Houston!

Mark is a great source of information, so I'm sure he'll be able to share. 

If you type in Property Manager Houston in Google, you'll find a lot of them. The big dog here is Renter's Warehouse, but there are a lot of smaller ones. PM me if you want some contacts I've made in the PM space. 

As far as mentors go, maybe Mark can help. There are a ton of "gurus" running around, so they aren't hard to find. Depends on what your focus is and how much you want to spend. Free mentors involve building relationships with those already investing in the Houston area and bringing something of value to them. 

I am a licensed realtor and also an active investor, so feel free to reach out. There are 65k other Realtors in the Houston area, so you won't find your shortage of qualified people. Just make sure you vet them out and make sure they actually know what a good investment property looks like. There isn't any magic wand any realtor can wave to find you a "deal", but we can help you make offers on properties you have interest in on the MLS and provide you with valuable info to help determine whether it'd be a cash-flowing rental or not since you mentioned you want to BRRRR. I always recommend asking a realtor if they invest themselves during the vetting process or own any rentals. If the answer is no, they might be a great realtor, but they might not understand how to invest in real estate.

As Mark and I always recommend, get out there and network. You'll meet tons of great people at local networking events that can help you on your journey. Try to attend at least a couple a month. There's a big one next Wednesday evening at 6:00p if you can make it.