Flip house: update 8 year old oak cabinets to newer maple ??

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Hey everyone. So I got my second flip a few months ago. 1400sq ranch house built in 1960's.  People lived in there past 20 years till foreclosed on. They update the kitchen with tile and flooring and new oak cabinets Shenadoah line.  They are only about 9 years old, in good shape/condition(surprisingly compared to rest of the house)  It's on your typical 10x10 kitchen.  IT's in a good working class neighborhood and things sell fairly quickly in this neighborhood and at a premium due to lower supply, especially for updated homes.  I've touched everything in theis house but the roof.  all new paint trim, crown moulding, HVAC  and A/c corrected electrical issues throughout, all news doors throughout.

Oh my point... should I update the kitchen cabs? and if so would  price really increase be worth it in this environment.   It's already getting new countertops and backsplace (the old had to go).

I have an opprtunity to pick up some decent brand new maple cabinets (shaker) from a spec home for $3,500.  trying to figure if it's worth the hassle.  thoughts?

If the cabinets are good, what would be the advantage of changing them? You put in maple, someone would have preferred oak. You leave the oak, someone would have preferred maple. If they're good, leave them be. Don't over improve the house and spend money you won't get back.

Thats how I look at things, if they are good or better and functional then I see no need (unless this was a higher end house where its expected to have new fancy stuff).  As mentioned laminate top is a must go and we are redoing the tile plus all new SS appliances.   Lets not forget... I also cleaned the windows as a bonus :o)

Would we get most interest Maybe but would we be able to raise our expected price from $155 to $159+ ? I don't know. They would look nicer in there, but I don't think that much nicer for $4-$5K.

Damn I think I spent $3 just on intetor paint and only expected $1500 Had to BIN prime everything.

the cabinets I could get would need three more to fit (included in that mentioned price)  but nothing else would be needed and actually would have cabinets left over.  The spec home has 19 cabinets, I would only use 10 and the others I could just use in the laundry area.