Exploring the Boise Market

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Hello, My name is Jake and my business partner and I manage 16 doors in Thurston County. We are going to make a trip into the Boise, ID market in late September. We are looking for an experienced broker in this market that is willing to help us learn more about Boise. To be forthright, this would be a long play for any broker that is willing to offer their insights and time, as we are just starting to explore this area, but we like what we see so far! Please reach out if you are interested. 

@Jake DeAtley

Any luck in Boise? Any recommendation for an investor friendly broker? Gonna make a trip to Boise soon in search of a 1031 replacement property.

@Tony F. Why Boise? Why not Phoenix? It's closer and abetter market.

@Jake DeAtley

Hi Jake, margins are fairly tight right now (cap rate 5.2-5.8%) in the Boise area due to demand being at an all time high. However, we do have a significant shortage of multi family property and we are seeing a significant number of apartments and multi family projects going up around the valley. If you ever want to come back up and take a look or if you would like some more information, please let me know.


Ryan Wallace

Hey @Josh Vlach ! Yes there are, this one is a pretty good one: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1291989487596042?tsid=0.41749385452323695&source=result

Let me know if you'd ever like to connect either while you're here in town or over the phone and talk real estate and/or the boise area, always love to talk shop!

Hi @Larrian Davis - We stay extremely up to date on the market.  Boise is experiencing growth like never seen before.  Meridian is in the top 5 fastest growing cities this year, and prices are rising exponentially due to demand.