I own a 1.66 acre lot of land on the west side of Tucson. I bought it for $500. When I tried to go through a title company, they wanted the sign-off of the husband of the woman who she had divorced over 20 years ago.  They spent 3 weeks searching for him, but never found him.  SO, to get the sale through, we just did a quit-claim deed.  I figured, for $500 the risk was worth it.

Now I need to get the title cleared.  So, my question is, can anyone refer me to a good real estate lawyer in Arizona who can help me with this?  I've talked to one who wanted to charge me $4000, which I think is just ridiculous.  Surely this can be done substantially cheaper than that.  Seems to me that a good paralegal could do the paperwork required.  Can anyone help me out?