What does it mean when a seller asks are you still in the market?

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@Ayannah Nyzhari' Chapman, If a seller is asking you "Are you still in the market," I would think they are assuming that you already do deals in some fashion. Along with passively asking if you would be interested in a deal they have. These are just my presumptions as I don't know what was previously discussed prior to them asking their question. I would recommend you travel down their line of thought and see what they have to offer, if anything. Good luck!

@Matt Crusinberry yes that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if he was asking if I currently own my own properties which I don’t. I’m a newbie wholesaler so was making sure I have the lingo right. I sent him a direct mail piece and he ask me that and what I would be offering.

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He's essentially just asking you if you're still looking to buy his property and what you're willing to pay.