Newbie investor eager to learn

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Hello All. I am a new investor in the DMV region. I am located in the Prince George’s County.....I am looking to build relationships with other investors as well as find properties. Any advice would be great! Thanks


Welcome to the site. You will find plenty of valuable information on here and everyone is willing to help. Just make sure to do your due diligence before posing a question, so the more experienced investors are more likely to help you.

I am fairly new to the site as well, I have been reading forums/listening to podcasts for the last year or so, but I am just now starting to post and interact.

I recommend signing up for the webinars, as they are a useful tool that are put on by the BiggerPockets founders themselves. I just attended one last night and it was very beneficial.

I am located in the Indianapolis area, best of luck!


Finding deals. I've already accepted that my best bet is probably going to be looking out of state. I simply do not have the time to do things like driving for dollars and such because this prices here are astronomical. I'd like to meet a wholesaler around here good at finding ready properties, but again, if they're ready / need very little work, they're gonna be spendy.