Renting or Flipping?

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Hey guys,

I was recommended to this app by a customer and I’m glad I downloaded it. For the past year me and my wife have been planning on buying an investment property. The biggest hurdle besides time and having two young children (2years old n 4), is coming up with a down payment for our first investment property. I own a home that has 70-80k equity in it currently. Is there a way for me to get a second property with zero down? Do I need to speak with the right banker? Do I have to sell mine in order to take the cash out then re buy another home and keep some for an investment? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Of course I have a million more questions but this one seems to be the most important for now lol. Thanks

@Joshua Dennison

You can consider doing a cash out refinance. If you have a single Primary home you can cash out refinance at 80% LTV. Rates are really great right now, so you may be able to reduce your rate, depending on when you purchased.