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Happy Saturday! I wanted to introduce myself to those who invest in Oklahoma City. I wanted to get some more information on the area and just looking to connect with like minded individuals. Looking forward to speaking with you all!

Thanks for the mention @Kurt Michaelson

@Alex Harshman and @Cody Clinton , I would be more than happy to connect with you guys. I think OKC is a great market to invest in. I'm invested here and in West Texas, but I'm biased towards the OKC metro. I would be happy to provide any information that you guys need. 

Feel free to send me a message if there's anything specific that you guys would like to know about the market. I'm happy to help! 

@Alex Harshman happy to discuss OKC with you. I'm more focused on cash flow/buy and hold and I understand you're focused on wholesaling, but happy to talk if anything like that starts to be on your radar! 

Hello, just adding my .02 cents to this conversation. 

I have personally worked with JJ Gritts on a few deals along with some of the folks listed above by Kurt and it was a pleasure working with them all.

Thanks for the mention!  I defer all my stuff to my wife, the broker a.k.a. The Boss, ha ha.  Unless, we visit over coffee, then... it's an all day conversation! :)

Give Cassi a call. She's one of our rising starts at Spearhead Realty and she knows how to find deals.   Helps a lot that she's a past investing student and already an full-time investor.  Even convinced her husband to go full time investing and join the Realtor team.  Power teams are great! As some of my student say, "All Ron's success is because of his wife, Angelina!".  

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Originally posted by @Kurt Michaelson :

@Alex Harshman & @Cody Clinton

Here are a few people who can give you some more insight into investing in the OKC area: