What should I look for i a Tax Deed Purchase?

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I am a nubee. I am getting ready to purchase my first single family home. I am bidding on a tax deed. If I win the auction, do I totally own the property? What should I be on the look out for? What are the hidden surprises that I am potentially missing? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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@Ricky Briggs make sure to check for nuisance liens from the county and any other liens placed by government entities as they will not be removed due to the sale and they will become the new owners responsibility to resolve

@Ricky Briggs I recently learned about rolling fines. These are placed by the municipal code enforcement office and at least for my county even though nuisance lien info is available online to view, rolling fines are not. I had go actually check with their office to find out about the rolling fines. The only other way to find out was thru a full title search (is what they told me)