How to get answer from seller of property?

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Hey BP,

Put an offer in on a Duplex Saturday night 8/24 after it took about 3 weeks just to have my viewing with the owner, who is older and seems very meticulous. (One big reason why I am interested, seems to have kept it up well)

My agent and I have had intermittent communication with his agent and seems to be showing his own frustration with the buyer because he is so slow to make any decision.

All we know is the owner threw out one low ball offer prior to us and since the last we spoke with his agent, I am the only offer on the table.

I hate this not being in my control and we put no contingency in the offer as a time limit. Any advice, other than to just stick it out?

I want to pressure him with threatening to revoke the offer, but his agent is hard to get ahold of. (Pretty sure he is sick of dealing with owner as well and doesn't feel like he will ever make his commission) and being in sales myself, I know that could just rub him the wrong one and throw my offer out as well.

Pretty sure I'm SOL and at his mercy, but curious if anyone has had a similar situation that could lend some advice.

Thanks everyone!