Developing a Stream of Rental Income

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I’m new to this and looking for the best direction to go in. From reading a bit and learning some basics I definitely lean more in the direction of buy and hold, to rent out properties for a monthly income. Some of the stuff I’m wondering now is what is the best direction to go in for that?

I was thinking of taking a real estate license course to gain the foundational knowledge on it. Such as what to look for and assessing value and laws etc.

Does anyone know some top books they couldn’t live without that deal upon this subject?

Looking forward to the discussion!

I wouldn't bother with the realtor license unless you want to be a realtor. Keep putting one foot in front of the other on a daily basis. Learn to analyze properties, then start analyzing properties daily. Once you find one you're interested in, submit an offer. If it's going to need work, have contractors look at it and provide an estimate.

The books from BP are great to get you started