Hello fellow investors hope all is well

I am currently working in closing on my first rental property which I am planning on using the BRRRR/house hacking strategy for it( the property has a basement unit i am planning to move in and then renting out the Main level a 3/2) . I have a hard money loan set up at 11% interest only and no points, My purchase price is 80k, Rehab budget 35k. I will have to come to the closing table with approx 7k plus closing cost. The property will easily appraise for 180k minimal ( i actually currently live four houses down from this property and I am very familiar with the area. here 20 years +) My question and the part i am confused on is the refinance aspect of the strategy since I will have some equity in the property, I am looking to Cash out refinance out of the hard money into long term debt and buy another property. I was speaking with some lenders and some mention there is a seasoning period (3-12 months) others mention (my credit union) they didn't have a seasoning period, some lenders mention i should move into the property start the refinance process and then put the property up for rent which is the reverse of the Brrrrr (refinance , rent ?). I would gladly appreciate any Input into this situation or any advise based on this scenario.

Thank you in advance.

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Josue Rivera