Selling property with a dissolved LLC and heirs

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Dad died in 2014. He owned 52 acres of agricultural land, about an acre of commercial land, and a few other lots. 6 different deeds. All in the names of an LLC with him as owner. The LLC was dissolved before he died.

My step sister and I are the heirs. I was made administrator. Got the paperwork all notarized on that but the attorney that was handling it ended up giving me the run around after until he finally admitted it was more than he could handle and gave me some referrals to proceed.

The problem is my uncle co-owned the property with my dad and a member of the LLC so he has control over it now that my dad passed. He wants the 52 acres of farm land for himself and doesn't want to split it equally.

My step sister ended up passing away in 2016. Her mother, sister and brother are still alive and are probably heirs of her portion now.

I have consulted with quite a few attorneys since and they all act like it is to much to deal with so this has been put on the back burner for awhile.

I have never experienced this type of situation in investing before. I was wondering what can I proceed to do to take the extra steps needed to protect my legal interest in this and get my deserved share and prevent my uncle from selling behind my back in the future?

Well, You are the administrator, so you have some control.  Your local atttorneys will know the procedure for dealing with whole dissolved llc issue.  You simply have to find one that will do the work.

This doesn’t really seem all that complicated, for an estate attorney, unless there is something else.