Hello. I am seriously considering selling my SFH (located in west-central Florida), and definitely plan on working with an agent. However, I would appreciate a little insight now, before moving forward with the listing process.

Recently, I had a termite inspection conducted of the home. The inspector confirmed that I had drywood termites. Apparently, it is a "mild" infestation, concentrated in a certain area of the house, an area of the attic. THERE IS NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE TO THE HOUSE. Still, the company is recommending tenting and fumigation of the entire house - at my convenience. Over the past couple weeks, I have done considerable spot treatment of the affected areas, and patched and/or repaired the damaged wood.  

Here are my questions: Am I required to share that inspection report with potential buyers? If so, when? For instance, should I disclose the report before an offer is made, or after? Or, should I not mention the report at all, and let the buyer move forward with his/her own inspection, after an offer is made and excepted?

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.