Valdosta Georgia Buy and Hold Investor Here!

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Hello everyone!

First off...thanks for reading my post. As the title says, my wife and I are buy and hold investors in the Valdosta area. We purchased a duplex at the beginning of this year and have learned quite a lot with regards to tenant management, property manager management, etc, etc. 

We are currently looking to make more acquisitions in the area as well and would love to network with people to help make that happen. Or, we would just love to hear your stories/opinions. If you are a local flipper/wholesaler/etc...please reach out. If the deal makes our numbers work, we would love to make you as much money as possible. 

Our finances are arranged and our very basic goals are as follows. 

Type: single family or small multifamily (<50 units)

Acquisition amount: <$1M

Location: we love the Remerton area and would love to purchase some SFH near there and close to campus. However, the student housing is tough to compete with in the mfh arena. Therefore, mfh will be targeted to families and out towards the base. Let me know what you have!

Numbers: numbers numbers numbers...we are attempting to purchase properties in the 9-9.5 cap range. This is a lofty goal so are more than happy to settle on the 8-8.5 range if there is some upside for rent boost and expense management, etc. I’ll look at any deal. We also pull in all of the “rules” when evaluating properties. No single criteria make or break the deal. I would also love to be another set of eyes for your deals if interested. We’re all in this together!

Thanks guys and I’d love to hear from you!

@Franky Davis

Franky I lived in the Valdosta Area for the past two years. The rental market is big over here. I would love to assist in any way as an aspiring investor. I’m currently de leveraging by paying off student loans but once I’m done I’ll be in game. But in the mean time I would love to network and learn as much as a ground soldier for you and your family.

That sounds great! I’m more than familiar with student loans so kudos for taking necessary steps to address them. Feel free to shoot me a message to discuss things. We’d love to implement your local presence there to make things happen as you start to delve in. I’d also be more than willing to discuss your individual goals for real estate and financial security. I look forward to hearing back. 

Sorry for the late post but I just recently stumbled on this thread. I have been living in Valdosta for the last 4 years and am really looking at getting started investing in the area. I'm sure that with VSU and the base close by there are plenty of opportunities to find deals. I am would love to talk sometime and develop some contacts in the area. Any advice to a newcomer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you guys.