12% yield Brandon Turner& David Greene

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@Account Closed I recently acquired a six unit in Cicero, IL that I intend to BRRRR. It will most definitely be over 12% COC once it is stabilized. I think any type of double digit COC returns in today's market is pretty good. This is especially true if you are in a decent area where you can see some appreciation as well.

I think hitting 12% COC is especially realistic when you house hack a 2-4 unit multi unit property. I have multiple clients who are doing this successfully in today's market.

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@Account Closed I am definitely hitting 12% and sometimes higher on my detroit properties my last one as 21% even after delayed financing and only needed less than 2k in repairs. You have to know what to look for, what area and how to properly market/managing your properties. Even if you have a PM managing them is a task in itself. Sorry to say but I get plenty of marked down deals from non-savy OOS(Out of State) investors that didnt manage the people they hired. 

Those values will still be there. It is so much happening downtown Detroit and no matter if the so called hipsters moved out nothing will be affected. We have the opportunity zones that are pushing investor projects and new development, expansion of the chrysler plants. I don't push Detroit on anyone but it will have the same ups and downs as any city but people place it under a microscope.