mold issues in potential deal

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I have a potential property that that has signs of mold issues, black marks under paint etc, is this an easy issue to get rid of or is this a deal breaker?

I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who has had experience with this


It can be an expensive issue to deal with.  Some molds are visible and odorous; others are harder to detect. Consider:

1.  Why is there mold present in the first place?  What's the source?  

2.  What does the seller disclose regarding it?  Why hasn't the seller corrected/removed it?

3.  How extensive is it?  

You may want to have the house inspected for mold before making a decision.  I see mold everyday as a Broker.  My concern is the source/cause.  Most often it's a leaky roof that the seller doesn't want to replace (or was slow to do so), a leaking window, a errant ac drip line.  Unless you cure the source, cleaning up the mold is a mute point.

I have also discovered that what we thought was a limited mold issue was actually a much larger one behind a plaster wall and in an attic.  If you don't know the source, a leak detection company is well worth the couple hundred dollars to find it.  

Would I buy a house with mold?  Not unless I knew the source, the cost to repair/replace it - as well as the extent and cost to cure the mold.  Don't assume what you see is all there is...