Potential rental across the street from a church. Help requested

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In my search for my first rental, I've found an enticing home. There's just one thing. It's right across the street from a church and down the street from another one. It's located in a good neighborhood, but I have no idea how being across from a church would affect the way potential tenants look at it or how that could possibly affect its appreciation relative to the rest of the neighborhood. 

Do any of you have experience investing in properties next to a church? What was your experience? Is it something you'd steer clear of? Any input is greatly appreciated. 

- Blair

P.S. I tried searching the site but didn't find this exact question. If someone knows of this topic already being covered elsewhere, then I apologize for the repost and hope to be pointed in the right direction.

I own a property across from a church.  It is in a small town, and they have one service each Sunday morning.  I looked at how much activity would be taking place at the church, in relation to the amount of parking on-site; will the majority of the people be parking on the streets around the property or do they have on-site parking.  IN this case, they have a fairly large parking lot, so a minimum number of people will be parking on the street.  This particular church also does not have a lot of activities  during the week, but again they have plenty of parking.

Being across from a church in my opinion isn't a deal breaker.  I look at it as if I am living at the property, would I want to live with a lot of extra traffic, and the parking.  In the case of my property, I determined there wasn't going to be a large impact.  

@Blair Nye I can't imagine this being an issue. There are so many reasons I wouldn't by a rental property (across from a bar, busy road, etc), but being by a church would be the least of my worries if everything else checks out. 

@Brian R.

Thanks for the input! This particular church has services on Sunday morning and for one hour every Wednesday night, so not too bad. No AA meetings or food banks either.

I’ll have to check out their parking situation though. I had not considered that yet.

Thanks for helping me out.

@John Warren I was worried that some people might be bothered by the occasional traffic or just the vicinity to a religious institution. I’m in the Bible Belt so maybe being close to a church isn’t a big deal, but I feel like it could be a negative in some renters eyes in more liberal / progressive towns.

Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

@Hai Loc Thanks for the encouragement! I'll definitely be digging deeper into this deal. Sunday morning I'll be taking a drive by the church to check out the traffic around service time. Thanks again for your input. 


@Blair Nye , I have had buyers look at houses next to and across from churches in a very favorable manner. I'm in Oklahoma, but the majority of people would not have any negative connotations about being across from the church except for the occasional traffic. 

How large is the church? How many members? Which just relates to traffic and noise really. I imagine they have people there more than just a couple times a week. You got your Vacation Bible School, youth groups, choir practice, etc. Maybe they host a polling place for elections. Probably not a big issue unless it is a big church. Probably better than being next to a bar, or industrial uses. You won't be living there, so try to not inject your biases. Easier said than done.

@Lee Bell Good points. I checked out their online schedule and it was just services Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but I'll dig into more special events like the ones you mentioned. Thanks!