Las Vegas rental fears c class properties. First investment

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I’m looking to invest in the real estate market in Las Vegas I’m handy been doing electrical for several years. But I’m worried about c class property in the Las Vegas area and having bad tenants that don’t pay or always late any one with experience in the Las Vegas?

No experience with Las Vegas I have a c class property. If you put the onus on yourself to make sure you get a quality tenant instead of worrying about what they would do to this house it goes a long way. If my tenant up and destroyed my house or refused payment randomly I wouldn't blame anyone other than myself because I let them stay there. Also look more into section 8 if you want some type of assurance you will get paid. 

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Originally posted by @Skyy Dugger:

@Phillip Dwyer I want to do a fha on multifamily 200-650k

you have to live in it for an FHA loan.. and unless Vegas has specific rules as an owner occ 1 to 4 units.. you don't have to adhere to as strict rules when choosing a tenant.. As non owner occ do.. you can be very choosy =so that helps.

@Phillip Dwyer thanks for advice everyone I’m looking forward to attending the meetup to network and learn more about the area. I’m exploring the area I have a natural feel for real estate being around and working for investors so long in the electrical field east to west coast.