Is a 2 bedroom sfh a consideration?

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Second post ya’ll, love the wonderful people here

In terms of buying a rental, I could imagine a 3 bedroom is what most families would prefer, but if you had a choice to buy a 2 bedroom maybe in a nicer area and nicer home for the money, would you?

Are 2 bedroom homes as easy to rent? I know it all depends on what a renter is looking for....but thoughts?

I know one investor that ONLY buys 2 BR units. She also does not buy anything with a fenced yard. This keeps out most families with children and keeps out families with pets. That is NOT discrimination. The property is often not suitable for large families with children and/or pets.

I own three rental properties and all are 2-bedroom units -- two LTRs and one STR. They are performing really well. The LTRs tend to cater more to young couples, retirees, a single person who wants to make one bedroom an office/guest bedroom/man cave, etc. We never have any issues finding tenants/guests.