Abandoned Boats at Potential Property

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I am considering the purchase of a distressed property in Maryland which looks like a good deal except that there are two boats that have been left in the property. One of the boats is sitting on the ground and is completely filled with garbage. The other boat is sitting on davits and appears to be in better condition. The last year the nicer of the two boats had Maryland tags was in 1998 from the sticker on it.

If I buy this property, what can I do with these boats ? Can I legally sell or dispose of them, or do I need to try and find the owner to tell them to come get them ?

Thanks !


@Jim Windgassen Hey Jim. I see no one has touched this question yet. Even if you get the seller to agree to removal, which is unlikely, you should expect they won't follow through. You would need to hire a removal service for them unless one is salvageable and can sell it. Expect to incur that cost.

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