Anyone investing in Hemp farms

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My son has recently started investigating hemp farming in Oregon. With all of the building concern regarding plastics and beginning of banning plastic products, there has to be something to fill the gap. 

Apparently it was the Hearts Corporation that lobbied to originally get hemp banned in the use of manufacturing paper, as it competed with the forest product paper that they were using, and in most states it's still banned. 

However; hemp can be used in such a wide variety of products, is sustainable, and if grown organically very envirnomentally friendly.  

Are any of you investing in hemp farms? Manufacturing? 

The money will be made in the processing, there is a severe lack of infrastructure.  There is an oversupply of raw material here with nowhere to take it.  Former high school classmates of mine wrapped a large scale production facility into their traditional crop support business, pulling in a lot of investment dollars.  Most everything currently being built up is tailored to the distillation of CBD oils.