Obtaining Capital for My Next SFH/MFH

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Howdy BPland,

I've put myself in the all to common position of using all of my own capital to purchases properties. My growth is currently stalled as I do not have enough reserves to purchase my next property. I'm looking at two strategies in creative financing and methodology. In your professional experiences, over the next two years, would it beneficial to turn to Wholesaling as a means of sourcing funding and build my reserves or look into Seller Financing and still be able to get more doors without the two year down time.

Thank you 

Steve K

Why not do both?  They could go hand in hand.  When you find a good deal that you could potentially wholesale, try and see if it could also be a potential seller finance as well.  If so, great, you just increased your doors.  If not, great, you still have a wholesale deal.