Lead Generation Program

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Hello Fellow BP Peeps,

I’m interested in developing a good lead generation program for investors of all kinds.

My question is, what tool or data do you find most difficult to get your hands on as an investor?

If you had the best app in your hands for investing, what would it look like?

Thoughts are welcomed. 

"Investors of all kinds" is extremely broad. Who is your ideal client? A passive investor in a real estate deal, or an active flipper? Those people run in very different circles and consume very different content.

Personally, I would love a CRM tailor made for building relationships with passive investors. I used to use Contactually, now I'm giving Cloze a shot. Most CRMs are far too transactional for my needs. A Customer Relationship Management system that is actually relationship focused and doesn't break the bank would be great!

@Taylor L. thanks for your clarity! I’m probably geared more towards active flippers but passive investors is a great niche I hadn’t considered. 

Right now I personally use HubSpot and Liondesk. A good CRM is the backbone of business relationship building at a larger scale. Obviously from the sounds of it your not so concerned with the quantity as you are the quality of relationship.

Thanks for the insight. There is always so much growing in all aspects of investing.

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