how many "man hours" does it take to close on 1 single mortgage

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is it possible to charge 200 to 600 basis points as mortgage broker for closing in 1 FHA mortgages or 1 USDA mortgage, how many FHA or USDA mortgages can be closed per month if you are working part time like 5-6 hours per day 3-4 days per week and you get paid 1 time each month

and how many man hours does it take 1 mortgage broker to close on 1 single mortgage, what are the differences in getting paid if you are an underwriter vs a independent contractor "mortgage broker" and how many man hours can be saved in terms of automating the underwriting process for 1 single FHA mortgage or USDA mortgage

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Put your club dues in. Right now, you aren't even qualified to ask that question. 

And you're a moderator? Cut the guy some slack - especially from your position. Geez!


Depending on how deep OP's pockets are, I just saved him easily $30,000....

Folks with zero experience making a quick stop by the mortgage industry on the way to bankruptcy court are a dime a dozen.

It's easier to become President of the United States of America than it is to start your own mortgage company that doesn't go BK, with zero industry experience. Source:

Lots of train wrecks are also OTW for this real estate cycle.