What do you have on you real estate team?

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Hello Everyone, I am new in the real estate business and putting together a team of people that I will be working aside. Who are some of the people in your organization, and what was the process of deciding who you wanted to include in your projects?

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Who do you have in your real estate team?

I always love when people post about their "team" especially somebody just starting out.  What do you plan to offer to your "team" members that makes you think they will want to help you?  Do you have deep pockets? Do you have a skill that nobody else has?  No contractor is going to say yeah I'll drop everything for you, when you buy that house that you can't tell him the location of, or what it looks like, or how many bedrooms etc.  Focus on what value you can add to somebody else's "team" get some experience then work on your "team".  Or just go for it, find a house buy it and start learning all you need for that is loan officer and a computer.  Good luck!

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Wishing you the best. RE can be a great career.

As someone who built a team way too early, and lost a boatload of money and energy, please learn the transaction and see if you love selling RE. While doing this you will learn who you need and what your niche will be. Affiliate with a Broker who is accessible and has the ability to provide you leads and mentoring.

The beauty about being an independent is that you can affiliate or partner with almost anyone on short notice and then decide who you want to work with.

But, assuming your optimism meets with success, you will want a marketer who handles social media and generates leads. Second is a transaction coordinator. Third is a buyers agent to haul buyers around on Weekends and

evenings and weekends. Finally, a great lender and settlement company who are reliable and efficient.