Help me counter offer....

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How would you respond to this ??

What are deed costs??

♦️♦️Thank you for your offer. I have an offer now of $2600 confirmed . Would you like to counter?

Per our terms: Seller does not prorate taxes or pay delinquent taxes. Buyer assumes all closing and deed costs. Seller pays agents commission.

Closing Details- Buyer must hire a title company/attorney and order a title search to confirm clear title. Buyer can close with Title search, Deed and Settlement Statement, OR a Full Closing with Insurance. Either is fine and buyers choice. *BUYER must CHOOSE TITLE COMPANY and BUYER assumes all closing and deed costs (buyer and seller side).

All offers must be based on no contingencies or inspections. Property is sold as-is condition based on buyers due diligence; seller has no knowledge

Please confirm if you would like to counter; or fold and be put on a call back list ♦️♦️


I just placed a low offer $1900 on a property that's been sitting on the Market for over 225 days.

Total cost might be around $5500

Rural town of about 1500 people where I grew up.

The house is worth about $25k tax assessment.

Can rent for about $500-600/month

Will need about $15k in repair (which I ll get back in about 3 yrs).

If you can buy a turnkey property for the PP plus repairs I'd say no. 

In my neck of the woods deed costs can refer to a doc prep or a transfer of deed fee, but check your area to confirm.