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I am looking for advice on lead generation platforms for the Bay Area (or in general) that people can recommend. I am trying to build my database of leads for folks looking to buy new homes, and I would love to hear what the Bigger Pockets community of Realtors/Agents are using. Thanks!

@Aaron Steeves

Depends on what you want to focus on. 

My guess is the first thing you should do is actually list the brokerage you actually work at on your BP Profile and in your BP "Signature". :-)

If you don't have a broker then you want to find one that focuses on what you want to focus on.  I.E. If you want to work with Investors then, go to Zillow and see what agents/brokers have listings of duplexes and triplexes in whatever area you want to focus on and then see if you can hang your license with them.....they most likely will have some idea of how to market to buyers and sellers of investment properties.

If your brokerage will let you.....have TWO sets of business cards made business card that caters to buyers and you can have a simple slogan on it that says something like "Helping more buyers get into properties more economically than your average Realtor".   If you want to attract Buyers also start hosting open houses of listings at your brokerage....and have plenty of YOUR cards as well as some info that is valuable to BUYERS.  

Regarding sellers you may want to "gasp" go door to door in a given area where you see a decent concentration of people that are SELLING their properties because obviously something is going on there and people tend to follow the crowd. Have business cards that have a little slogan like "Helping you sell your home, faster and for more money."............. Also call on any expired Listings and FSBO's.....if you don;t have their phone to their house and at a minimum simply drop off your card in their mailbox with a BRIEF handwritten note mentioning how your brokerage has had great success helping expired listings sell faster and for more money and leave your CELL number and an email address. You don't want them calling your office and asking to "speak to an agent about selling their home" because now you just gave a ead to your office,...and not you.

Hey @Aaron Steeves! Hope you're enjoying the weekend:)

Not sure if you've seen anything across the site yet, but our new Premium Membership is specifically designed as a lead generation tool for Real Estate Agents.  Premium agents have lead capture forms on their company profiles.  When someone is interested in working with you, we send their information right to your inbox.  Along with this comes an enhanced profile to better market your services to the BiggerPockets community and promoted placement in our agent directory.

I know our agents that have made the jump to Premium have seen fantastic results so far!  I think @Houston Garcia would be a great person for you to chat with.  Houston is an agent in the Bay Area as well and has been killing it with Premium.

You can learn more about Premium HERE.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have. Thanks!