Leads Leads Leads!! How do you generate your leads??

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BP friends ! what is your favorite way to generate leads?  I'm talking about the full scope of things. Where do you go to find the property and how do you like to get in contact with them? I have my strategies but definitely still looking to learn more! I feel like everyone says bandit signs and direct mail or buying list. Anything new or is this an if it ain't broke don't fix it situation.

Thanks !!!

@Robert Nelson Oh, boy. this thread is going to get pretty busy....

I think mail is the best way to find passive, off market leads. By this I mean people who share motivating factors but aren't taking action yet.

  • They haven't taken the time and money to make repairs and spruce things up to sell.
  • No realtor under contract
  • No posts on Craigslist
  • they aren't searching specific key words on the internet
  • they aren't snooping around on facebook

The biggest detractors to mail is that the most common lists you hear about are getting over-mailed in the more competitive markets. Work with a list broker to get suggestions for some of the newer motivated seller lists. 

Once you have the list (or already have one ) the list broker can also run things up against a national phone and email database to add the additional contact info.

Whether you are calling or mailing, be sure your pitch is about the recipient. How will they benefit by working with you? What about you will make their life easier?

@Robert Nelson Here's how I do my marketing.
1. I purchase a list from Listsource.
2. I send them 5-6 mailings (sometimes 7 or 8 mailings if the response rate is good) over a period of 6 months.
3. Skiptrace all of their contact numbers and cold call them over the 6 months period.

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@Ehsan Rishat. Sounds good ! Question for you... how many people do you feel like you have to reach out to generate one lead ?

We close a deal mailing 8k-10k direct mail pieces. Most of the houses we bought received at least 3 postcards/letters from us.


We still do mailers to supplement our campaigns but might stop soon.  We got tired of the hype for the next best "popular" thing and started looking for a diamond in the rough solution.  I've wasted 10's of thousands on marketing over the years and about a year ago we found a solution and haven't changed since.  The company is limitless motivated sellers and it's worked very well for us and our strategy.  I didn't realize how much we were spending until I came across their services.  I was sold once I saw they would call my existing lists at no charge.  Good luck.