How are yal finding Delaware LLC owners & other companies that

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Most owners I can find by either looking at a Deed through the county site, or by going to the State site and searching the LLC name. If it's in Delaware and a few other places, this information is not free (to my knowledge), so how does one find the ownership info? I know here in San Diego you can look at the registration /Articles of Organization to find out who signed on the LLC but it's not always super obvious who the owner is. Reonomy is a great paid service for skipping LLCs but it's a little out of my budget right now. Can anyone recommend a more affordable way of finding the LLC owners?

It's hard to find LLC owners in DE and other anonymous states. I don't know of any free searches either. I'm not sure if you'll get any information if you call the SOS' customer service division and inquire, but you might find someone there who has some input. You can also reach out the LLC's registered agent an ask them to forward along your information to their client as some are more helpful than others.

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This also might work for some, but not for all ... check the parcel site of the state and see what address the LLC is listed at. Then search that address and see if there's an individual's name listed. Search that name / address through or and see who the owner is.

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Thank you Cassandra ! When you say the "parcel site of the state ", do you mean the Secretary of State site that holds the business entity search into? I've been looking at the county site that holds the records of last conveyed deed and then going to the SOS of the state listed for the LLC on the deed . But usually when I go to the Delaware site it returns minimal information about the company

@Allison Meggison   You're welcome!  Yes I'm referring to the county site.  In Delaware it's: Sometimes the LLC is listed at a residence on the parcel site. I'd then go back to search that address on the parcel site that comes up for the LLC. It could then list the individuals names and you contact them from there.