The Next Big Short - imminent ?

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Two articles of interest - one has to do with risk profile of underwater mortgages : literally underwater because of climate change impacts.

Next is the survey of CFOs which shows that the level of pessimism and % of CFOs expecting an imminent recession has spiked recently.

My take: let's get on with the recession so that we can move on to a better real estate buying environment.

I find the business optimism data to be a poor indicator. It's not a mechanistic theory indicating a particular weakness in the economy, it's just asking CFOs how they feel about the future. They have an incentive to be negative, because if they're negative and wrong - great! Nobody's going to be upset. But if they're positive and wrong (i.e. things went bad) heads will roll, with said CFO being #1.

Climate change is real, which is why I'm not buying any long term buy and holds in low lying areas.