Creating a Real Estate Website or App

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Learn to code, it is very difficult for people to help you if you don't want to share your idea.  I learned Python and it has been very useful.  However to be realistic it takes a fair bit of time to learn.  If you want to get started right away you could pay a freelance programmer from Upwork, I believe they are required to sign NDAs.  


I'm so curious as to what the idea is now.

I’m a self-taught python developer who is now building my own web application. If you don’t want to share your idea with partners or freelance developers, buckle in for at least 12 months of intense learning before you’re able to produce a useful app.

I recommend Python-Flask

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I am a full-time web developer with a couple of different businesses under my belt. Your first step should be trying to prove that your idea is something that people are willing to pay money for (go read The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick). Once you establish that people are actually willing to pay money for your idea, your options are pretty much 1) pay someone to create it (depending on the complexity of the idea, a website will probably run you $10,000+, and an app $25,000+), 2) partner with someone (just know that developers get a lot of people trying to get free work out of them with the promise of success on an unproven idea), or 3) learn to build it yourself. If you aren't a computer person in general, I would probably stay away from trying to build it yourself, unless you really want to learn how to write quality code. So, the question you have to ask yourself is the same question any business person has to ask themself - do I want to spend my money or my time? Also, it is important to remember that unproven ideas aren't actually worth anything.