Networking With Different Agents

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I have a realtor who I have known for over 10 years and is now a friend of mine. She's a really nice person and is very good at what she does. I've referred many people to her who have all bought and sold with her and they have referred others as well. My only gripe is that she does not specialize that much in investment type properties so when I reach out to her and remind her that I'm interested in finding some good deals I really don't get much in return. Now if I run across something on the MLS listings and ask her to run the comps or look into it then she will do it for me as quick as she can. She's always available to answer any questions I have but just feel she might not be the right agent to help find some good deals.

I've been considering reaching out to some other agents in the area to see if they could help but I feel really bad about it. As if I'm being not loyal to my agent/friend. There is a agent who some friends of mine use as a property manager who also has his own rental properties that I'd like to reach out to and another one that I always see with lots of foreclosure listings. Do you guys normally just deal with one agent or multiple ones?

You generally want to deal with one agent at a time but make sure you find the right one, you don't owe your friend anything.  They make probably $4-$5k+ on every house you buy and are really just opening the door at that point.  You'd be better off getting the license yourself if you buy more than one property, unless the agent has off market properties they don't do a lot that you couldn't do yourself.  Even if they do have off market leads or listings I'm sure they'd be happy to sell them to you anyway even if you don't use them in your primary search.

Thanks. I recently enrolled in online classes to try and get my real estate license but in the meantime I’d like to find an agent who deals a lot with investment properties.