Any success stories on investing in Florence, Alabama

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I am researching on investing in single family home in Alabama. I have done some research on the area. Does anyone from biggerpockets invested in Single family homes in Florence. Is this a good market to invest? How does the area did during 2008 recession. Being a university near by does it make sense to invest on single family home vs multifamily home or a town home? I am thinking of buying a turnkey property as a starter.

Lots of questions, any investment advise is welcome.

@Vijay Sid I’m an agent and investor in the shoals area. The Florence market is good and you can generally get a higher rent per bedroom over there. I invest on the muscle shoals side of the river. Generally I’ve found better deals over there. I’d be glad to help you any way I can. You can find me on social media as jonthehouseguy