Let’s hear your do’s and don’ts in Pay Per Click

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Guys, I want to hear about your wins and losses in pay per click!

-How long did you have to market till you got steady deals!

-what’s your monthly spending?

-how long have you been doing it?

-hire or learn yourself.

-any other info would be helpful.

Thanks a bunch!!!

@Eric Douros

-How long did you have to market till you got steady deals!

When it comes to finding a steady deal flow from Google Ads(PPC) it is based on the search volume on the specific keywords that you are bidding on or ranked for! and how well you have optimized your campaign from the data you have gathered on your target market. 

-what’s your monthly spending?

Monthly spending depends on the volume of searches per month on your target market based on your specific keywords, as well as what you are comfortable with spending or having as a budget. 

-how long have you been doing it?

I have been doing Facebook ads, as well as running Google Ads(PPC) For the past few years 2

-hire or learn yourself. 

It depends on how much time and money you have to spend. When it comes to learning yourself it takes both time and money to do so, however if you hire it out to someone who is a professional that's one less task you have to focus while you focus on other Income Producing Activities... 

-Any other info would be helpful.

Yes, When it comes to PPC There are a lot of tips To me the most important is your relevancy score! and your ads copy! 

Your relevancy score should be at 9/10 when it is that high you will be shown higher on google compared to anyone who is paying more per clicks. Because Google is all about showing the most relevant content to its users! so please make sure your Page content match in keywords to your bidding keyword!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! I do this for a living. 

Have a budget that is big enough that it will move the needle, but still small enough that you can afford to stay with it for 12-24 months consistently.  Otherwise don't start.

@Eric Douros

-How long did you have to market till you got steady deals! 

I can get a steady flow of leads as soon as I start a campaign. However, that's because I work within the real estate niche managing PPC accounts.

If you want successful right from the beginning it's going to be hard by yourself, however, a good tip I can give is to...

Have a strategy in place right from the start.

By not having a strategy with your account, you may find yourself getting lost with certain decisions you make. Having that strategy in place organizes every actionable change you make to the account. 

So for every change you make you can check yourself by asking "Hey does this action align with the strategy and is it going to put me closer to achieving the goals of my campaign”. 

Having that strategy will dictate everything in the account and keep things in order so you aren't making rash decisions without consulting the strategy beforehand.

An example of a strategy for Adwords that I personally use for client work goes as such…

In Adwords show up as low as we can, and get as cheap CPC as possible so that we can get as many clicks and leads for our budget that is physically allowed. 

The essence of this strategy is to show up in as many auctions as you can on quality-driven keywords, so we're talking about those bottom of the funnel keywords like "sell my house fast " or "cash home buyers near me" etc. 

Even if you do have a low CTR rate cause you are in these lower positions, the idea is the more auctions you show up on the more chances you have of getting clicks and spending that full budget. 

Contrary to popular belief, which is just showing up #1 for every keyword, statistically speaking if you only show a couple of times in those high positions you end up getting 1 click and lets say you have a 4% conversation rate your going to have to get a lot of those really expensive clicks in order to get a conversion but if your bidding at a fraction of the rate your going to get a lot more traffic. 

So say you still have a 4% conversion, you get more per dollar spent on conversions than you would at a high bid. 

Then as time goes we find out which keywords are performing the best based on data and then we can bid up on those. 

Over time eventually the keywords bringing in the most money the idea would be to get that high-quality score and being 1-2 position only and the ones not bringing in so much we bid low on. 

We go from a conservative account and expand into a more aggressive account once we know exactly what is working for us. 

Obviously, throughout this process, we are performing best practices to get that CTR rate up through ad testing and different target testing.

-What’s your monthly spending?

I’ve managed clients PPC accounts that spend 10k+ a month to those that can only afford 1k a month. 

What I can tell you from that is it doesn’t matter what the next person is spending. It's about what can you afford, and how you do that is by knowing your numbers. 

Here’s how you go about calculating those important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

Do the math! We'll be using 4 key metrics

  • APD (Average profit per deal)
  • LPD (Leads per deal)
  • Crv. (Conversion rate of the landing page)
  • CPC (Cost per click)

For this example...Joe Shmoe's Metrics

  • APD= 12k
  • LPD= 1/25
  • Crv= 4%
  • CPC= $4

Joe Shmoe is a wholesaler whose APD is 12k, LPD is 1/25, and the Crv of his landing page is 4%. So Joe needs 625 clicks to his website to close 1 deal (25\625) based on his website Crv. of 4%. 

Joes's CPC is $4 on Google AdWords. Based on this knowledge you can multiply Joe's CPC by his needed clicks (4 x 625) which would equal 2,500. 

So Joe should be investing $2,500 in paid advertising to generate 1 deal. Now you could add a 30% buffer just to be safe. 

This is just an example everyone's numbers will most likely be different. 

With that being said would you trade $2,500 to make $12,000? Cause any normal person would do that till pigs fly. 

-How long have you been doing it? 

I got my first PPC client in February of last year. Coming close to 2 years, however, I took a small break from running ads for a period.  

-Hire or learn yourself. 

Aside from the fact that I run business managing ads on behalf of Investors, I advocate hiring out the work.

I believe in creating a business and not just creating more jobs for yourself. 

So instead of working IN your business all the time, you should be moving toward working ON your business instead. 

Also the biggest plus to hiring out the work is the time and money you save. In an excerpt from a previous forum post (read here)

Scaling your business & expanding requires you to perform the same work more effectively & still maintain an acceptable profit. 

The most common way to do that is delegating tasks out to others. Being able to take the tasks that need to be done and handing it off enables you to now free up your time. 

Outsourcing your marketing allows you to concentrate on more important business matters. Also, it improves your personal life due to the fact that you can now invest more time for family & friends. 

Not to mention you may also have a decrease in stress because the marketing efforts are now being handed off. 

The only thing you really play a role in now is managing and making sure things are getting done to your liking.

*I talked all about what you stand to gain from hiring here*

-Any other info would be helpful. 

Constantly learn if you're going to go for running ads on your own. 

I absolutely LOVE podcasts to learn from, you can listen to podcasts virtually anywhere. 

I recommend Perpetual Traffic for facebook ads and the Paid Search Podcast for google Adwords. 

Blogs/articles help by providing immense information for me to read through.

Anywhere from learning about exactly how much you should spend, to customer avatars, and even targeting can be found from podcasts, blogs, and articles.

If your considering taking a course your greatly reducing your learning curve, time, and a most likely a whole lot of money. 

Feel free to message me with any questions or clarifications of anything!